Miami Scooter Rentals Terms of Service and All Policies

Miami Scooter Rentals Account Terms 

Please review the following terms prior to application to use the Miami Scooter Rentals service as a “Renter.” 

The following terms incorporate the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms of Service, Conditions, and all Policies. At the time of application, you will be asked to acknowledge and agree that all the information you will be submitting is true and accurate. You agree and understand that if Miami Scooter Rentals, at their discretion, allows a Renter account to be registered through this Service, you will be under an obligation to ensure that any required information and documentation of licensure or driving record as Miami Scooter Rentals may require in the process of application, and thereafter, shall be accurate and complete. Your acknowledgment shall form a binding contract that allows you to use these Services. 

License Requirement 

A valid driver’s license is required to operate a 49cc or smaller Scooter/Moped. The license can be from anywhere in the world as long as it specifically lists that the license owner is qualified to operate a car. There will be no exception to this requirement. 

For a vehicle with less than 50cc (motorcycle or scooter), a motorcycle-specific license is not required. However, a valid driver’s license will be required. 

In all cases, no one under the age of 21 may rent a scooter or moped of any size from Miami Scooter Rentals. 

Miami Scooter Rentals reserves the right to deny rental based on the inability to verify the validity of a license at its own discretion. 

Application and Documentation 

You agree and understand that Miami Scooter Rentals may require documentation, acceptable at their discretion, sufficient to demonstrate that you possess a proper driver’s license or proof of an acceptable driving record. 

You agree and understand that Miami Scooter Rentals at their discretion, and as may be required by law are authorized to access your driving record. You agree and promise to check all communications received and respond timely to all requests for documentation or further information.

You acknowledge that Miami Scooter Rentals relies on the information you submit during registration, and all further uses of these Services to be accurate and complete. 

Renters Obligations 

You acknowledge that your use of these Services and every Rental or use of these Services shall conform to all incorporated Terms and Conditions. Specifically, you have reviewed Prohibited Uses and Renters Guidelines. You acknowledge that you shall accept financial responsibility for vehicles rented. You agree that you shall follow Rental and Reservation procedures as listed below in this document. 

You shall observe all local and state laws regarding safety gear and safe driving, you must wear a helmet while using a scooter, you understand that you may be responsible for demonstrating your compliance to all Terms and Policies, and the Terms of your Reservation Agreement, including identifying and accepting responsibility for passengers you designate during the Reservation process. 

You further agree and understand that if you demonstrate in any way that you are not prepared to assume these obligations, Miami Scooter Rentals may decline to begin the Rental and you may forfeit your reservation payment, or have your Renter account suspended or terminated as a result. You also re-confirm that you are at least 21 years or older. 

Renters Acknowledgment 

Miami Scooter Rentals may make certain assumptions in reliance on information submitted by Renters. You acknowledge that your application for a Renter account means that you warrant to Miami Scooter Rentals that you possess a valid license and the requisite skill to operate any vehicle you reserve. 

Additionally, you warrant that you possess sufficient knowledge to inspect any vehicle delivered or presented in order to perform a sufficient inspection prior to beginning the Rental period. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to make a sufficient inspection and document any existing damage you detect prior to the rental period. Accordingly, you assume all inherent risks and agree to document and report any detected issues or inaccuracies in the Vehicle listing. 

Renters Account 

Renter agrees that the continued registration of their account is conditioned by their adherence to all incorporated Terms and Conditions. Renter further agrees and acknowledges that the purpose of these Services is to facilitate a rental transaction between Renter and Miami Scooter Rentals. You agree and understand that the Miami Scooter Rentals Service is provided for you to enter into a reservation and rental agreement.

Miami Scooter Rentals provides administrative support in this process, including model Reservation Agreements, and maintenance of the Miami Scooter Rentals platform. Miami Scooter Rentals reserves the right to terminate or suspend User accounts deemed to violate the incorporated Terms and Conditions. 

Return and Cancellation Policy 



According to the Terms and Policies incorporated in our Terms of Service and Renters Policy, Renter may agree to enter into a Reservation Agreement. The Renter shall meet at the Miami Scooter Rentals location. Once the Parties have satisfied all necessary conditions — including but not limited to providing a valid license to operate Miami Scooter Rentals’ vehicle, a walk-through inspection of the vehicle by the Parties, taking pictures of the vehicle and odometer – the Parties may agree to commence the Rental Period if the conditions of the Reservation Agreement are met. 

Reservation Cancellation 

In some cases, it may be necessary for either of the Parties to cancel the Reservation before the pick-up appointment. Renters may cancel the Reservation by contacting Miami Scooter Rentals. It is the Renter’s responsibility to confirm that Miami Scooter Rentals have a confirmed receipt of any cancelation or change in the Reservation.

Cancellations are effective immediately, and there is no refund. Miami Scooter Rentals offers flexible appointment times for your convenience. Before selecting your appointment times for rental check-in and check-out, please plan accordingly to avoid cancelation or additional fees.  

Failure to arrive within 1 hour of the appointed time may result in the Renter being charged the full amount of the rental, and the Reservation may be canceled.

Miami Scooter Rentals may cancel the Reservation by contacting the Renter through Renter’s provided contact information. This may include Renter-provided email, text messaging, or phone calls. 

Declining Commencement of Rental Period 

The Parties have agreed to certain conditions in their Reservation Agreement, and also to abide by Terms and Policies as required by Miami Scooter Rentals.

The Rental Policies details certain conditions, including but not limited to, presenting a valid license for the operation of the vehicle to be rented, following safe operating procedures including demonstrating preparedness to operate the vehicle in compliance with the law, and that the vehicle is in safe operating conditions as advertised through the Miami Scooter Rentals platform.

If these conditions are not met, Miami Scooter Rentals may decline the commencement of the Rental Period. Once a Rental Period has commenced, it may not be canceled.

Once the Pre-trip photos of the vehicle, odometer, and Renter’s license have been documented, the Rental period has commenced.

Review Policies 

According to the Reservation Agreement and the Terms and Policies set forth by Miami Scooter Rentals, any late fees or incidental damage fees may be billed through the Renter’s Payment Method via our third-party payment processor.

Renter understands and agrees that any payment method used in the reservation process shall remain open and effective throughout the Rental Period and shall close only after the transaction has concluded satisfactorily.

Additionally, suppose the Renter demonstrates a pattern of abuse of these cancellations policies or continually works hardships against Miami Scooter Rentals by repeatedly canceling reservations, declining commencement of rental period in an arbitrary manner, or arriving at the pick-up appointment unprepared to commence the Rental period Miami Scooter Rentals may take whatever remedial action at its sole discretion, which may include suspension or termination of a Renter’s account and reservation.


Reservation/Rental Terms, Procedures, and Policies

Once you have selected a scooter you wish to rent, please follow the Reservation procedures as indicated in the listing. Miami Scooter Rentals will respond to

Reservation Requests in a timely manner, if Miami Scooter Rentals should have any questions, or require additional information, Renter must also ensure all communication is timely, or Reservation Requests may lapse or otherwise be terminated for non-response. 

Once Renter and Miami Scooter Rentals have agreed to the reservation and rental terms, the Parties shall then be required to execute a Reservation Agreement that reflects the Terms of the Agreement between them. 

Please arrive at the Pick-up on time with a copy of your valid license (no temporary permits accepted), and in a manner that satisfies the terms of your Reservation (i.e. with designated Passengers, required safety gear if not being provided by Miami Scooter Rentals, etc.). The Rental does not commence until you have presented your valid license and satisfied Miami Scooter Rentals as to the terms of your Reservation Agreement. 

Pick-up / Check-in

Renters are expected to arrive at the appointment times for pick-up and drop-off set forth in the Reservation Agreement.

Renters are encouraged to let Miami Scooter Rentals know of any delays that may cause the renter not to arrive on time for pick-up or drop-off.

After 30 minutes of being late (either pick-up or drop-off), the renter will be charged a $50 late fee each time they are late.

After 1 hour of being late for the rental check-in, the reservation may be canceled, and the Renter will be responsible for the full amount of the rental.

**No refunds (partial or full) will be given to the Renter for late pick-up or early return. A late pick-up does not change the return time for the rental (no credit is given for late pick-up or early return).**

Drop-off / Check-out

The vehicle must be returned at the agreed-upon time outlined in the Reservation Agreement. No credits or refunds are issued for early returns, even in the event of an accident.

Unless the Parties have mutually agreed to an extension of the Rental Period and documented this, any returns (check-outs) running late will need to pay for the extension of their protection plan.  

Late more than 30 minutes past the agreed time in the Reservation Agreement shall incur a $50 Late Fee.

Late more than one hour past the agreed time in the Reservation Agreement shall incur an additional day of Rental at full price, a $50 Late Fee, protection purchases, and gear rental fees if applicable.

Every 24 hours, the renter will be assessed an additional day of Rental at full price, late fees, protection purchases, and gear rental fees if applicable.

Routine Maintenance and Fueling Responsibilities 

Renter, during the Trip or Rental Period, assumes all responsibility for instructions communicated to you by Miami Scooter Rentals. In the event of mechanical failure, Renter shall promptly report issues to Miami Scooter Rentals. Upon return of the Scooter, Renter may be held responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear deemed to be the result of the negligent operation or failure to provide routine maintenance. 

Safe Renting Policy 

At all times during the Rental Period please retain a copy of the Vehicle Registration, Reservation Agreement, and the Insurance card you have been provided through the Miami Scooter Rentals dashboard. 

Renter agrees that they shall use all legally required safety gear, including helmets, as required in the municipality or state where the Rental shall occur. It shall be Renter’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate safety gear is used regardless of whether it is supplied or rented from Miami Scooter Rentals according to terms agreed by the Parties. 

Furthermore, regardless of whether the law in your jurisdiction requires mandatory use of certain safety gear, including helmets, Renter acknowledges that Miami Scooter Rentals requires the use of appropriate safety gear appropriate for your riding ability and an acknowledgment that you may be unfamiliar with the scooter you have rented. In any and all cases, a DOT-approved helmet is mandatory for both Renter and any accompanying Passenger. 

Miami Scooter Rentals requires you to identify by name any Passenger you shall convey during the Trip or Rental period at the time you submit any prospective reservation to be booked. Any Passenger must be at least 21 years or older. 

Renter is responsible for further ensuring that Passenger is familiar with scooter safety laws in your city and/or state. Passengers are required to review the Terms and Conditions of Miami Scooter Rentals. By submitting Passengers’ names and booking a registration with their information, Renter represents that Passenger has reviewed and accepted all incorporated Terms and Conditions. By so doing, Renter

shall assume the responsibility and risk for ensuring that Passenger is in compliance with all applicable Scooter/Motorcycle safety and helmet laws. 

Furthermore, Miami Scooter Rentals requires Renter to review the Insurance and Damage Coverage options available at the time of check out. Renter agrees and understands that they assume all inherent risks and responsibilities in selecting the appropriate coverage, for ensuring they have the requisite skill required for the safe operation of the scooter to be rented, and that they have taken responsibility, financially and otherwise, for ensuring their Passenger shall comply with all laws and these Terms during the Rental or Trip Period. 

Prohibited Activities 

Renter agrees and understands that any of the following activities on the part of Renter or designated Passenger under Renter’s control, during the reservation period, prior to the beginning of the Trip or Rental period may result in cancellation of the reservation, early termination of rental, and non-performance of the Rental, OR, if any of the following activity occurs during the Rental period may negate any Insurance coverage, or results in the termination or suspension of their Renter account, or forfeiture of any monies paid during the Reservation process. Using, or attempting to use a vehicle rented through these Services: 

  • Without a valid appropriate license in good standing, presented and documented at the time of pick-up & drop-off. 
  • With a suspended license or without full disclosure of driving record or infractions.
  • Without demonstrable requisite skill at the time of pick-up. 
  • While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medications, or any type of impairment that might prevent safe operation. 
  • Authorizing persons not specifically disclosed on the Reservation to operate or ride as a Passenger. 
  • Without legally required safety equipment in acceptable condition whether or not provided by Miami Scooter Rentals. 
  • Altering scooter in any way 
  • Off-road operation, racetrack, or operation on anything other than finished, paved roads. 
  • In a reckless manner i.e. Stunt driving, wheelies, burn-outs, etc. 
  • Riding a scooter in a manner not intended by the manufacturer.
  • Failing to heed Miami Scooter Rentals’ specific instructions particular to the scooter being rented. 
  • Using the scooter to tow or push an object, or in excess of manufacturers load limits. 
  • For commercial uses unless specifically approved by Miami Scooter Rentals. 
  • While Renter is distracted, for example, smoking, eating, texting, operating a cellphone or other device while riding. 
  • To enter a race or competition. 
  • In the commission of any criminal or reckless act. 
  • Without reporting an accident, or malfunction as soon as possible to Miami Scooter Rentals. 

**Miami Scooter Rentals may decline, cancel, or terminate any rental early at its sole discretion should such action be deemed in Miami Scooter Rentals’ best interest. 

Miami Scooter Rentals may cancel the reservation at the time of pick-up if the Renter is unable to provide a valid driver’s license, does not possess required safety gear, is visibly impaired or demonstrates a lack of basic skill in the operation of the throttle, or any skills fundamental to safe scooter operation. Miami Scooter Rentals is under no duty to perform any extensive assessment of skill and preparedness to begin the Rental period but may, at their discretion, cancel the Trip or Rental if the Renter is unable to provide a valid license or presents an appreciable threat to engage in Prohibited Activities or otherwise violate the Terms and Conditions of this Service or the Reservation Agreement between the Parties. 

In The Event Of An Accident 

  • Notify authorities and seek medical attention immediately. 
  • As soon as practical, inform Miami Scooter Rentals and allow them to retrieve and take possession of the scooter to prevent further damage or expense from being incurred that you may otherwise be held responsible for. 
  • Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers (work, home), and license numbers of all persons involved, including passengers and witnesses. 
  • Obtain license plate number and state of equipment involved in the accident.
  • To the extent possible, take photos of the accident and document any damages to Passengers, or third parties or other property damage.
  • For smaller incidents, do not attempt to repair damage or replace parts without Miami Scooter Rentals’ consent. 
  • File a police report. 
  • There are no refunds for trip days remaining in the reservation following an accident. 


Payment Terms & Administrative Services Agreement 

Before applying for, or registering a user account, you shall be required to verify and acknowledge that you have reviewed and agreed to the following Payment and Administrative Terms when presented with the prompt “I have reviewed and agreed to all incorporated Terms.” 

As a Renter (collectively a “Users”) you agree that the terms, generally summarized as the rental agreement, shall apply to your use of your User account, these Services, and all transactions with Miami Scooter Rentals arising therefrom: 

  • Miami Scooter Rentals provides support services in order to facilitate the rental transaction. 
  • Users agree that Miami Scooter Rentals shall be appointed as Payment Agent to receive payments and make payouts. 
  • Users agree that Miami Scooter Rentals shall provide other administrative services to facilitate Insurance and dispute resolution matters on behalf of Users as set forth in the Terms. 
  • Users agree that in their use of these Services, to the extent that shall enter into the process of booking a Reservation, completing a Rental/Trip, and in the process of finalizing any transaction, pursuant to Miami Scooter Rentals’ duties as Payment and Administrative Agent, USERS shall be required to review and respond to information communicated to them via their email, account portal or User Dashboard. Terms communicated by this method are incorporated into any Terms and Conditions and shall be binding when accepted, or unless disputed by the User. 

Payment Agent 

Miami Scooter Rentals is the limited agent for the purposes of collecting payments made by Renters on their behalf. Renter agrees to make Payments directly to Miami Scooter Rentals and Miami Scooter Rentals will honor the Reservation and Rental Agreement.

Miami Scooter Rentals’ Agreement 

Miami Scooter Rentals, in accordance with terms applicable to the Reservation, permit the Renter to cancel the booking according to the cancellation policy.

Renter’s Agreement Subject to the Renter Terms 

Renter agrees and acknowledges that they shall be asked to provide a verified and authorized Payment Method to the trusted third-party Payment Processor, Miami Motorcycle Rentals has designated Stripe as the Payment Processor. According to the Payment Processors’ terms and conditions, Renters shall be asked to submit customary billing information which may include name, billing address, and financial instrument information. To that extent, registration of a Renter’s User Account shall require accurate, complete, and current payment information at the time of registration, you hereby agree that you shall keep such billing information current, and up-to-date throughout your use of these Services. 

Conditions of Payment Authorizations 

By entering into a Reservation Agreement with Miami Scooter Rentals, you as a Renter authorize Miami Scooter Rentals to collect from you amounts due pursuant to these Payment Terms or the Miami Scooter Rentals’ Terms of Service and incorporated policies. Specifically, you authorize Miami Scooter Rentals to collect from you: 

  • Any amount due to Miami Scooter Rentals (e.g., as a result of your bookings, Booking Modifications, cancellations, or other actions as a user of the Miami Scooter Rentals Platform), including reimbursement for costs prepaid by Miami Scooter Rentals on your behalf, by charging any Payment Method on file with our Payment Processor. Any funds collected by Miami Scooter Rentals will set off the amount owed by you to Miami Scooter Rentals and extinguish your obligation to Miami Scooter Rentals. 
  • Any amount due to Miami Scooter Rentals from a Renter for Miami Scooter Rentals as a payment collection agent. 
  • Taxes, if applicable. 
  • Any amount you pay in the resolution of a Dispute for any Damage Claim in which the Insurance Protection you have purchased or provided is insufficient to cover related fees and charges. Miami Scooter Rentals may do so by charging the Payment Method associated with the relevant booking, or any other Payment Method on file. 
  • Additional Fees, which may include, Rental extensions, payable under the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms. In addition, Miami Scooter Rentals may recover any costs and expenses it incurs in collecting overages by charging any Payment Method(s) you have on file. 
  • Any Service Fees or cancellation fees imposed pursuant to the Miami Scooter Rentals’ Terms. Miami Scooter Rentals will be entitled to recover the amount of any such fees from you, including deductions to refund amounts. 
  • Fees improperly reimbursed to you as a Renter. If, for instance, a booked Reservation is canceled by the Renter’s failure to supply the required proof of valid Driver’s License, or if the scooter is not in the condition to which the Parties have agreed. In such situations, Parties have agreed and accepted Miami Scooter Rentals’ appointment to resolve such disputes at their sole discretion. To the extent necessary, based upon Miami Scooter Rentals’ decision after requiring Renter to submit to informal dispute resolution in accordance with the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms, or other applicable cancellation policy, Renter agrees that in the event they have already been reimbursed or promised a reimbursement, Miami Scooter Rentals will be entitled to recover the amount of any such refund from you, including by subtracting such refund amount out from any future Reimbursements due to you. 
  • Fees, costs, and/or expenses associated with a Damage Claim, as set out in the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms or the Insurance Policy. If Miami Scooter Rentals is unable to collect from your Payment Method used to make the booking, you agree that Miami Scooter Rentals may charge any other Payment Method on file with our third party Payment Processor. Miami Scooter Rentals also reserves the right to otherwise collect payment from you and pursue any remedies available to Miami Scooter Rentals in this regard in situations in which you are responsible for a Damage Claim pursuant to the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms. 
  • The time it takes to receive Reimbursements once released by Miami Scooter Rentals may depend upon the Payout Method you select and the Payout Method provider’s processing schedule. Miami Scooter Rentals may delay or cancel any Reimbursement for purposes of preventing unlawful activity or fraud, risk assessment, security, or investigation. 
  • You authorize Miami Scooter Rentals to charge the Payment Method you have on file with our third-party Payment Processor. The Total Fees for any booking requested in connection with your User Account. Miami Scooter Rentals will collect the Total Fees according to the Fee Schedule. Miami Scooter Rentals will generally collect the Total Fees after Miami Scooter Rentals accepts a booking request. Once the payment transaction for your requested booking is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • When you request to book a Reservation, Miami Scooter Rentals may also (i) obtain a pre-authorization via your Payment Method for the Total Fees, or (ii) authenticate your account via our third-party payment service provider to verify that your billing method is sufficient and up-to-date. 
  • If a reservation is canceled pursuant to the applicable cancellation policy you will be refunded any payments, fewer fees incurred according to the cancellation policy. The timing to receive the refund or for the pre-authorization to be released will vary based on the Payment Method and any applicable payment system (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, etc.) rules.
  • You authorize Miami Scooter Rentals’ third-party payment processors to complete the Payment Method verifications described above and to charge your Payment Method for any bookings made in connection with your User Account. You hereby authorize Miami Scooter Rentals to collect any amounts due, by charging the Payment Method provided at checkout via our third-party payment processor. 


If Miami Scooter Rentals is unable to collect any amounts you owe under these Payments Terms, Miami Scooter Rentals may engage in collection efforts to recover such amounts from a User. 

  • Miami Scooter Rentals will deem any owed amounts overdue for authorized charges after forty (40) days have elapsed after Miami Scooter Rentals’ first attempts to charge the User’s Payment Method or the associated services have been provided, whichever is later. 
  • Miami Scooter Rentals will deem any overdue amounts not collected to be in default when one hundred and twenty (120) days have elapsed: (a) for authorized charges after Miami Scooter Rentals’ first attempts to charge the User’s Payment Method or the associated services have been provided, whichever is later. 
  • You hereby explicitly agree that all communication in relation to amounts owed will be made by the communications methods provided to Miami Scooter Rentals by you at registration. Such communication may be made by Miami Scooter Rentals, or by anyone on their behalf, including but not limited to a third-party collection agent. 


Insurance Terms 


Third-party Liability Insurance Policy  

DISCLAIMER: Miami Scooter Rentals’ Policy (the “Policy”) does not replace the need for Renters to satisfy financial responsibility requirements outside of a rental transaction. Renters (collectively “Users”) do not pay towards the Policy and are not insureds under the Policy. The Policy has limits in place and is not guaranteed to respond above the limits. This is an unofficial summary of Miami Scooter Rental’s Insurance Policy. Policy terms may be updated on a routine basis. The following applies to coverage through the Policy. 


Insurance coverage under the Insurance Policy automatically includes state minimums for liability as further discussed below. Insurance coverage through the Miami Scooter Rentals Policy does not replace your personal insurance policy, until the commencement of the Rental Period. All Miami Scooter Rentals’ Renters are advised to retain personal insurance that meets their needs. Prior to the beginning of the Rental Period, during delivery, and after the drop-off, vehicles may not be covered by the Policy. 

Miami Scooter Rentals has taken out a policy which is designed also to provide protection for Renters (up to the “MFR”*) (up to USD 100,000) during the “Rental Period” for the liability arising out of the Rental. 

*MFR: Minimum Financial Requirement as set by each individual State. 

“Rental Period” means the period of time during which the Renter has taken possession of and had permission to use a covered “scooter” pursuant to an in-force Reservation Agreement with Miami Scooter Rentals. The “Rental Period” ends immediately upon return of the “scooter” or termination by you of the Reservation Agreement. 

“Scooter” means a vehicle with less than four wheels, is powered by a motor below 50cc, and has no pedals.

Outside a Rental period, Miami Scooter Rentals assumes no duty or obligation to ensure the sufficiency of user’s insurance coverage and cannot undertake to give advice regarding Users’ personal policy or state and local laws. 

Insurance Coverage Overview 

The insurance coverage, through the Miami Scooter Rentals Policy, shall provide you minimum state-required coverage so long as you are in compliance with the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms and you do not misuse the scooter during the rental period. 

You also agree that as a Renter, your personal insurance, to the extent available, will act as primary to any coverage you have the benefit of through Miami Scooter Rentals. 

However, it’s important to note that: 

  • A condition of any coverage through the Miami Scooter Rentals Policy, or additional coverage, may require additional verification or records checks if it is deemed that the information you provided at the time of registering your Renter’s account is not complete or current. 
  • Miami Scooter Rentals does not provide insurance coverage for Passengers. 
  • Some Renters believe they are covered by protection related to their credit card. This is often not the case and you should consult with your credit card company before making such an assumption. 
  • You agree and understand that insurance provided under the Miami Scooter Rentals Policy, or additional purchased coverage, is offered by Miami Scooter Rentals’ third-party partner. Although Miami Scooter Rentals is NOT the insurer, Miami Scooter Rentals in some cases may act as an agent or representative in the resolution of some matters, including Insurance Claims. 
  • Subject to the Renters Terms, you have been made aware of certain exclusions to coverage, and you are aware of other avenues of reimbursement and dispute resolution available through the platform. 
  • In the resolution of some disputes, you agree and acknowledge that Miami Scooter Rentals may conduct investigations and make determinations that shall be binding on the Renter as set forth in the Miami Scooter Rentals Terms. 
  • Any coverage is only applicable to scooters rented for personal use. 
  • Damage as a result of vandalism and theft during the rental period must include a police report when submitting a claim, or the claim will not be accepted. 
  • Certain types of damage may be excluded from coverage, such as off-road or illegal usage. 
  • You agree and accept that you assume all obligations to review the Terms of Service.


Our insurance program provides insurance coverage to renters and vehicles that are eligible under our Terms of Service. 

Third-Party Liability Coverage 

Renters are provided the benefit of coverage under our insurance policy up to the Minimum Financial Requirement as set by each individual State. Renters are provided the benefit of coverage up to USD 100,000 combined single limit. Coverage includes third-party bodily injury or property damage arising from an auto accident during the Rental Period. 

This Coverage cannot be declined by a Renter. 


Protection plans made available on Miami Scooter Rentals are separate and apart from any insurance coverages described above and address the Renter’s financial liability for any damage to the vehicle. Please review the Renter Policy as well as the Terms of Service for additional terms regarding reimbursement for damages, or charges incurred as agreed by the Parties during a transaction. 



As further discussed in the Renter Terms, as a Renter you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own acts and omissions, as well as the acts and omissions of any individuals who you invite to, or otherwise provide access to the scooter. 

Any Passengers you provide access to must have agreed and accepted these Miami Scooter Rentals terms including the passenger policy. 

You are responsible for any and all damages incurred during the rental period and return of the vehicle according to your Reservation Agreement in a timely manner, in the condition in which it was rented. 

Damage Protection prices are displayed for users during the online reservation request process. 

Certain types of damage may be excluded from protection, such as off-road or illegal usage, and you agree and accept that you assume all obligations to review the Terms of Service. 

Protection does not extend to vehicles entering Mexico. 

All drivers, including the primary contract signer, must be approved through Miami Scooter Rentals. 

Subject to the Renter Terms, you have been made aware of certain exclusions to protection, and you are aware of other avenues of reimbursement and dispute resolution available through the platform. 

Damage due to vandalism and theft during the rental period must include a police report when submitting a claim, or the claim will not be accepted. 

Deductibles (Safety Deposit / Theft) 

Renters face a deductible. Physical Damage Protection is subject to a $400 to $5,000 comprehensive and collision protection deductible, except for any comprehensive loss due to theft, which is subject up to a $5,000 deductible. Any physical damage payment by us will be reduced by the applicable deductible. Miami Scooter Rentals is responsible for collecting deductible payments from Renter. 

Damage Fee 

In the event of any loss or damage to the vehicle, or any personal property or bodily injury claim, that occurs during the rental period due to any cause regardless of fault, including, but not limited to, collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, fire, flood, hail or other acts of nature or God, the renter is held responsible, and is required to pay Miami Scooter Rentals a fee of $150. 



Personal Belongings 

Personal belongings left in the vehicle are not insured. These include tapes, records, discs or other similar audio, visual, or data electronic devices, or any speed measuring equipment within the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure they remove any personal belongings from the vehicle before and after each rental.

No Permissive Drivers 

We provide insurance for our Renters only. As per Miami Scooter Rentals’ Terms of Service, Miami Scooter Rentals’ scooters may only be driven by the Renter. Passengers may be carried to the extent they have been listed in the Reservation or Rental Agreement according to the Renter Terms. 

Permissible Uses Only 

Miami Scooter Rentals Insurance does not cover inherently risky activities such as sport or stunt-riding (ie. Wheelies, riding in a manner other than that intended by the manufacturer or Driving on unpaved roads or undesignated roadways (i.e. “off-roading,” unfinished roads, racetracks, or sidewalks). For further reference, consult the Prohibited Activities Section of the Renter policy. 

Personal Usage Only 

Physical damage protection applies to scooters rented for personal use only. 


Cosmetic damage to accessories (i.e. damage that does not render the accessory inoperable) is covered by Miami Scooter Rentals at Miami Scooter Rentals’ discretion. 

Accessories Definition 

Accessories include items such as luggage, crash bars, device mounts, tool kits, and vehicle locks, or other decorative components not part of the OEM factory condition of the scooter.